Automatically generate study aids from any content

Meet our powerful study engine

Smartly analyze your input with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our cloud-based engine dynamically generates high quality keywords for all types of study aids in seconds.

Automatically generate study aids from any content

PrepFlash supports various import methods allowing you to generate questions from the tool that is most convenient to you.

Photos (Mobile)

Study faster and smarter with the PrepFlash photo option. Simply take a picture of the text you wish to study and let PrepFlash do the rest.

Pure text

Type or copy and paste your notes from class and create flashcards with one easy click.


Create flashcards from news articles, journals or other useful web pages by copying the URL and pasting it into PrepFlash.


Become a master of any subject with the PrepFlash Wikipedia option. Simply type any wikipedia topic you wish to study and enjoy numerous flashcards on that subject.

Make your own

Customize your own flashcards and quizzes with the Make Your Own option. Type a word or phrase you wish to learn, enter “=“, and type the meaning in any language you wish to learn (e.g. Hello = Hola).

Upload file

Upload your class notes and PDFs straight into PrepFlash and start studying.

Any device, anywhere

Whether you're on the go or in the comfort of your home you can use PrepFlash on all your computer, tablet and mobile devices. PrepFlash is available on all platforms.